It’s Your Life, Live It Your Way


Take any successful person you can imagine as a role model. They were unconventional in their methods.

They’re dropouts and outcasts. They did not do what the society told them. These successful people did what felt right. It was their life and they lived it their way. They could have failed. But it was not about winning or losing for them. It was about making their work its own reward. Here are a few things to help you out in life:

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Conventions Are Not Definitions

Do not let the popular ideas define you. Conventional things were not always conventional. Someone went against the grain and did something unexpected. When they successfully did it, their ideas got validation. Your life and ideas do not need to follow others. If they did, they would create nothing new.

Do Not Fear To Fail, Fear To Fade

You will never know what life has to offer unless you take the leap of faith to reach it. To make a difference in this world or to add something of your own to it, you have to give yourself the chance. If you live your life out of fear, then all your days would fade and you would have achieved nothing, not even memories.


Put Yourself First

You cannot always live for others. It is not a sin to think of yourself first. You are only responsible for yourself, not for others. Learn to assess every situation thoroughly to see what is in it for you. Everyone else does it. Do not cut yourself for the people who would not even cut you some slack. It is not worth it to give up the good moments of your life living for others. Live for yourself first. Do not do anything that does not make you happy.

Filter Your Critiques

It is not impolite if you ignore the comments or opinions of those who should have no say in your life. What others think of you barely matters. If, and only if, the source of criticism is a constructive one, address it. If it is from a dear one then consider it. Otherwise do not waste your time trying to please those who have nothing better to do than talk about others in their life. They may not have an interesting life of their own.

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Measure With Happiness

Getting a new phone might make you happy. Getting a new house might also make you equally happy. And having the woman you love say yes may make you incredibly happy. They all are differently rich. Do not put a price tag on them. Just see how happy they made you feel when you experienced them. Measure your life with moments like these.

All that matters at the end is how extensively you lived your life and not how many years you lived. So, make every moment count, but count in your own way.



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