You Need A Hug When Your Heart Is Exhausted

heart is exhausted

Exhaustion comes to all. And you don’t necessarily need to have a busy and active schedule for that. Whether we are stressed or neglecting our sleep or just having an improper routine, exhaustion comes from both physical and mental sources.

When your heart is exhausted so is your body. It will not easily cooperate with you anymore. You need to take care of your mental health just as much as you would take care of your physical health. But before dashing off to make things better let us focus on knowing exactly what the symptoms suggest.

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Tearing Up Over Nothings

Stress, anxiety, and depression often make up the bulk of our emotional structure when we are mentally low. They would dominate our thoughts and rationale and fill us up with an impending sense of doom. We would find ourselves overly emotional with no apparent reason to be so if our heart is exhausted.


An exhausted heart is likely going to put you in that blank space where nothing emotional can touch you. It might be the exact opposite of being emotional. You would zone out, ignore people and block any feelings related to them. Emotional exhaustion of this sort can even lead to a fall in memory.

Physical Manifestations

Several pseudo physical manifestations would commonly occur if your heart is exhausted. I say pseudo physical because unless you are looking for it specifically, you are likely to miss these symptoms which mostly include insomnia, loss of appetite, aches, and exhaustion for no reason.

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Loss of Memory

Losing memory can be disturbing when you are past middle age. But for anyone younger it is catastrophic and a sign of a mental disorder. It is very important to consult a therapist for such situations. When your heart is exhausted it is likely to keep your mind occupied and unenthusiastic and thus your memory is likely to be weaker.


Emotionally exhausted people often tend to take up more work than they are capable of doing. The presence of too many emotions or too few can be a daunting experience. And to experience that it is very natural for someone to bury themselves under the workload. However, this course of action only manages to add more stress.

The best way to heal your exhausted heart is with rest and indulgence in things you like.


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