You Can Reprogram Your Thought-Process With These 3 Methods


Do you always get triggered by a similar situation? That is because you’re having the same thought process every time!

Reprogram your thinking pattern and you can avoid such issues. Reprogramming our minds is not a cake-walk but it’s not very difficult either. Meditation is a great tool to bring about the changes in our thinking. Because when we meditate, we’re forced to pay attention to what kind of thoughts are coming to us. We can then change or replace those negative thoughts with more positive ones.

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As opposed to what is usually said, this process isn’t difficult for adults. Our brain can be reprogrammed, no matter how old we are. Following are a few methods that will help you reprogram your thought process:

1. The Demartini Method

Neuroplasticity is used by Dr. John Demartini, a human behavior specialist. Dr. Demartini uses this method to reprogram his patients’ brains. With the help of a few questions, he can neutralize his patients’ negative emotions. He then replaces those charges with positive emotions, bringing an emotional equilibrium.

This particular method can alter multiple structures of our brain. The changes in the amygdala and hypothalamus are noticeable. This is so because they control our aggression, guilt, and fear.

How does that help us? When we are faced with challenging circumstances, we must question their necessity. We must enquire what good can come out of them. No matter how bad it may seem, there is always some benefit in every situation. Try to see the silver lining. Actively seek it.


2. Affirmations

We often tend to become complacent with our mundane routine. Our thoughts also run on those same lines. Repetitive thinking creates stronger nerve connections. These pathways become the default for our brains. Would you want your default thought process to be negative and demotivating?

Repeating affirmations is a great way of turning things around. Affirmations are phrases we repeat often. The subconscious generates our thoughts. The thoughts can be hacked by strong emotions as well as repetition. A step ahead from affirmations is an incantation. Incantations are practiced with immense emotion as well as conviction. Heightened emotions make it easier for us to reprogram the brain.

3. Visualize

Visualizations work like affirmations in attracting positive thoughts. When we vividly imagine having or doing what we want, we attract healthy emotions. It can be getting a new house or a new job. Consistently visualizing yourself reacting calmly to challenging situations is also good. It helps the brain cope with them when such a crisis presents itself in reality. The calm behavior will be manifested in you.

Practice visualizing yourself attracting positive beliefs and developing emotional resilience. Practice daily and you will see the impact soon.

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If you are determined to bring about positive changes, you’ve got to reprogram your thought process. For that, you have to make time to practice these methods daily. 10 minutes for affirmations, 10 more for visualizations are ideal. You can do them at any time of the day. But affirmations are best done before you leave your bed in the morning.

Consistency will take you forward towards a more positive and happier life. Reprogram your mind to become more consistent!


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