These Are The Friends You Should Avoid To Have A Better Life


Friends are wonderful, they’re like your lifeline. They support you all the way and ensure that you can fulfill your dreams. When you are down, they will support you and lend you a shoulder to cry on. They will also give you advice. Friends are amazing and there is no doubt about it. However, there are certain friends you should avoid. They can be placed under the following categories:

Unreliable Friends

You need a friend whom you can depend upon. You can’t live with a friend who ditches you every time you need them. Imagine you tell your friend a master plan and they promise to support you. You know that your dream will come true and at the last moment, they back out. You can forgive them once or twice, but what if they do it every time?

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Reckless Friends

Reckless people are unreliable and on top of that, dangerous. They don’t think twice before doing something and hence, land into serious problems. Sometimes, these people can even make you land in trouble. Friends who push you to do something crazy but harmful don’t care about you. Stay away from them.

friends you should avoidCompetitive Friends

Competitive friends are those who are only trying to win a competition and get ahead of you. It is not clear if we should even call them our friends. They are always trying to be better than you in whatever you do. While competition is good, it’s not good to be competitive every time. Such people will act like they are your best friends but hold grudges against you. These are another type of friends you should avoid.

Friends Seeking Attention

Attention-seekers are the worst. They will always find a way to make a mountain out of a molehill. Such people are suckers for drama and would even draw you in that drama. They always want some happening events or gossip taking place in their life. It becomes a place of negativity soon and you get sucked in it. Attention seeking friends should definitely be on the list of ‘friends you should avoid’.

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The Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are friends who are just there to draw on your energy. Even if you stay with this friend for just a couple of hours, you will feel exhausted. Energy vampires generally target the empaths. They will make you feel pessimistic and draw away all your optimism. On top of that, they will always grandly showcase their problems. They’ll make you solve their issues and this will exhaust you.

So, these are the types of friends you should avoid. Brighten up your life with friends who know your worth and are worthy to be your friend.


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