The Companions Of The Soul – The Qualities Of A Good Friend


The presence of positive people or a good friend has a great influence on our lives. They push us to be the better version of ourselves.

They make difficult goals appear plausible because of their presence and make us believe in ourselves. Most importantly, they make us happy. They are the companions to our souls.

So, what are the qualities we are looking for in a good friend whom we could hold close to our souls?


A good friend who is a companion to our soul will understand why something is important to us. No matter how difficult it gets they will not dissuade us from going after what we really want. Instead, they would cheer us. They would try to uplift our spirit and work with us to make things possible. They would believe in us and our dreams more than we would.

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Can there be companionship without loyalty? Our soul partner would likely know all about us, our strengths, our fears, and our weaknesses. But they would never use that information against us. In fact, you can count on them to guard these things with their life. When it comes to standing with you, standing for you or standing up for you, they are always there.



To want to receive things from friends is very common. But to be able to share is difficult. A good friend who is a companion to your soul would share everything with you selflessly. They would want you to have the same joy that they are experiencing. They would brighten up the saddest day of your life. They would make this world a good place to live in just because you are there as well.

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A Shoulder For Support

They would always have a shoulder for us. If we wish to rant, we will have a shoulder to lean on and talk. If we wish to be lost in another world, we could lean on their shoulder and hear about dreams. If we want a shoulder to just cry on they would be there. If they are a companion to the soul, then they would go to the end of the world and return, they would always be there for you.

One good friend who can give company to our mind is better than a thousand friends who do not make time for us when we actually need them.



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