Should You Relocate For Love?


The correct answer is, there is no definitive answer to this. Everyone has their own struggles, own ways of living life and one person’s way of looking at things might not be the same for the other person. Despite that, the one thing that is extremely important when thinking about if you should relocate for love is discussion.

Talk to your partner, for it would matter to them what you thought of the entire scenario. When you relocate for love, you move to a completely different world where settling in takes time. It is not a surprise that the first few months would get incredibly tough, making you rethink your decision. But yet again, you can’t afford to be silent in the face of things.

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You need to tell your partner all your fears and apprehensions regarding moving. And before that, you need to weigh out the pros and cons. Do you want to move? And if yes, why? Are you afraid to relocate for love? Why? What are the apprehensions that make you hesitate from taking a step and moving with your partner?

relocate for love

Honestly, if your relationship is worth its weight, your partner will understand your problems. And we agree, there are a lot of them- distance from loved ones, a fear of not being able to settle in, being lonely for long stretches if you aren’t employed, or an inability to find work if you are employed. It all comes down to one thing- do you really want to leave your settled world, and go to some other world? Is your relationship that strong that it will be able to face the storms that come by? If yes, then go for it. Show your support to your partner because they need it at this point.

But if you aren’t sure, if you aren’t comfortable and if you aren’t willing- say it out loud. It has been seen that most happy couples don’t relocate if one partner is unsure of things. And while that doesn’t exactly help things financially, they are happy on an emotional level. So, if you see yourself unable to maintain the same relationship if you go somewhere else you need to voice it out loud.

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One might relocate for love, but what’s to say the love will last? But then again, you need to understand that if you are committing to a relationship, if you are committing to relocation, you need to give in your all when it actually happens. For, things will steadily go downhill before they are again settled. And it is at this juncture where both partners need to hold on for dear life.

Or, you could go for a long-distance relationship. While that is not as complicated as moving together, it comes with a lot of insecurities and trust issues. In fact, if you have the belief in your partner that they will remain faithful no matter what, why not just believe in the relationship and move with them? While it may seem like you are about to relocate for love, who knows you might find a great employment opportunity that will see you both through?


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