Robin Williams Was Not Only A Great Actor, But Also A Brilliant Human Being

robin williams

Every celebrity of the 90s or early 2000s has a story with Robin Williams. While some of them talk about his prowess before the camera, most narrate his benevolence outside the set.

He was an extremely kind human being, who actually turned out to be the role model actors dreamt about. His kindness has been well documented by several other actors, event managers, and producers who considered him to be a delight to work with, under any and all circumstances. When most celebrities were looking to increase their wealth and fame, Robin Williams decided to use his fame to work for the betterment of society – with no self-interest.

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Brian Lord recently mentioned in a blog following Robin Williams’ sad demise where he spoke about how he was trying to get Robin Williams to attend an event. And while that deal fell apart, Lord spoke very highly of the actor, especially his rider. Now, for the uninformed, a rider is basically a list of all the items that a celebrity would need when attending an event or shooting a movie. It could range from having crystal sculptures to a particular brand of cigarettes. In Robin Williams’ case, it was a demand to employ a certain amount of homeless people into the event/production company. If one were to still think that Robin Williams played simple moral roles in films as per the script, this story would make them realize that he was a very moral person in reality too. While we are in no way judging the other actors for their extravagant demands, it just raises the respect Robin Williams garners from fans and actors alike.

To understand how different Robin Williams’ demands were, one simply has to look at some other celebrities like Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, or Iggy Pop who would ask for bizarre things in their rider. Iggy Pop used to ask for a USA Today article on morbidly obese people. Amidst that humdrum of incredulity, Robin Williams comes as a breath of fresh air.

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And it didn’t stop at that. Brian Lord believes that production companies would follow through on his demands long after his contract ended with them. Any sane minded individual would see the benefits that his demands brought to society. As more and more homeless people got work, unemployment levels would fall down, and the economic standards of the country would rise up.

Robin Williams exudes his charm and kindness in other ways too. Famous UK comedian Ricky Gervais once stated in an interview that Robin Williams would excitedly watch amateur standup comedians as they performed their routine and compliment them on a job well done.

Any other actor in his place, with his fame and busy schedule, might not have devoted the same time and attention to it as he did. He would genuinely sit at the back, and cheer loudly when any comic landed a perfect punchline. He wanted to encourage people to reach their potential.

Let’s just say, he played the role in real life, the role he played in Good Will Hunting.

Robin Williams knew what suffering was. He had faced it back in the day. And he wanted to make sure that no one should suffer if he could help it.


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