Relationships Are More Than Just Superficial Fun

A relationship could bring the comfort and stability we have been looking for. Yet being in a toxic one might just roll things downhill. No one wants to come back to an empty house or a cold bed. No one wants to be alone on a sad night or a happy day. But that is not all that there is to love. A relationship is more than having a romantic partner. It is about having a friend, a supporter and yes, sometimes even a champion.

Relationships are more than having anyone. They are about the connection that two people share. Having someone next to you physically but miles away from you emotionally can only contribute to unhealthy development.

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Relationships are more than trying to make your partners happy. It should be about your happiness too. If your partner can’t care about you then you deserve better than them. Do not underrate the love you should receive.

Relationships are more than your efforts to prove yourself. Being you should be enough. Relationships are not contests. You should not have to prove continuously that you are worthy, that you have earned it. Walk out of a relationship where your partner is blind to your worth.


Relationships are more than making sacrifices. It is alright to compromise once in a while or give up the last slice of pizza for your partner. But you cannot be the only one making major sacrifices. Do not give up your dreams, your passion or your life. You would not end up happy and your relationship would be filled with resentment.

Relationships are more than giving. In love, giving makes you just as much happy if not happier as receiving. When you love someone you make their happiness your own. But if you do not find your partner reciprocating then you need to change the way you think. Ask yourself if your partner feels as strongly about you as you feel about them. Do they find their happiness in yours?

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Relationships are more than being magnanimously understanding. If you think you are the only one who can see your partner’s love for you, then chances are you are deluded. They say, “If someone treats you like an option then leave them like a choice.” Don’t allow yourself to be anyone’s second option. If someone can’t prioritize you then they don’t deserve to be your priority as well.

A relationship is a two-way bridge. You both have to take some steps towards each other to make it work. But learn to let go and walk out if it doesn’t.


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