Nicolas Cage Made A Surprise Appearance In A Pub In Somerset On NYE And Offered Drinks To Everyone


We all know the legend, Nicolas Cage. The actor of Ghost Rider and National Treasure has often appeared on the internet as a meme or a passing joke. But we can’t deny that the internet loves Nicolas Cage. And well, this American actor has done something that made a bar fall in love with him too.

New Year passed a few days ago and most people probably spend it with their family. A new dawn of a new year has come – there are lots of plans to be executed during this year. However, for Cage, New Year Eve was a bit different. He spent the New Year Eve in a bar located in Wells, Somerset. Well, it was quite a special appearance by Cage and the people in the bar were ecstatic. The actor loved them too and he treated everyone to a drink. Yes, the drinks of New Year’s Eve was on Nicolas Cage!

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When u/Koink posted the picture on Reddit with Cage present in Tramways Social Club in Wells, Reddit went wild. The picture was confirmed as not fake. The Social Club accepted the legend and he has become a member too.

Nicolas Cage

Now, you might be wondering how Nicolas Cage ended up in Somerset?

Well, the actor admits that he is an Anglophile and loves everything about England – from the culture, the language, the rich history to the architecture and the people. He is steeped in English history. Of course, like all Anglophiles, he loves a visit to the Buckingham Palace often. But just a visit was not enough – he wanted to stay in this treasure trove of culture and be a part of it. That’s why he went house hunting.

When he arrived at Somerset, he immediately knew that it was the place for him. It has wonderful towns and amazing people. Glastonbury is there too and that’s a plus. So, he bought a place there and lives there often.

For Nicolas Cage, America has not been very close to his heart. Despite being American, he often feels sad about the atrocities meted to the Native Americans. According to him, America is its soil. 

In England, despite being a visitor, Nicolas Cage feels the deep tug of ancestry.


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