Lessons From Life That Help You Become Better


Life gives you many lessons that help you become a better version of yourself. You are supposed to grow with your experience. Focus on what you learn each time and apply it when you get the chance.

The deeper you explore, the wider the topic becomes. So it is important to center your focus on constructive elements. You can make your area of interest an infinite place or you can expound your problems. The choice is yours.

Once a wise man wrote a line that could make a happy man sad and a sad man happy- This too shall pass away. You are not the reason good or bad things happen. But you can choose to be positive or negative about them.

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Be sincere in expressing your gratitude. A heart-warming smile and soft words of thankfulness cost you nothing. Know that the world is a selfish place and anyone helping you proves that humanity prevails still. Be thankful that goodness has not vanished. It will heal your heart.

Remember, as you have rights, you have responsibilities too. Do not compromise in obtaining what you deserve but do not try to gain that which you haven’t earned. Just as you don’t deserve to be taken advantage of, don’t take advantage of others too.

life lessons

Be upfront about your expectations. Just how many times a day we want others to be honest because it would save so much of the time we spend guessing? We should do the same. Be clear and honest and it’ll help you save everyone’s time.

Becoming worthy of something is a victory after a constant battle with the unworthy you who did not even want to fight anymore. Give yourself another shot. If you can’t believe in yourself then no one will.

Money is like fire. It makes a great servant but a terrible master. Learn to keep your money under control. Do not let it get over your head.

Multitasking is an important skill. But accept that some activities should never be fused. Watching a movie on Netflix next to a bonfire while your friend is waiting to talk makes no sense and will not help you at making the best out of either of them. Learn to prioritize and balance your activities.

Live in the present. The past is beyond return and the future is uncertain. If you cannot keep your present together then you will have no base to build success upon. Also, if you want to start something, now is the time to work on it.

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Clean the slate. Just as you should not be a borrower or a lender, do not be a grudge holder. If you are at fault for something, make amends. And if you are unable to forgive whoever is at fault then cut them off. Holding on to the negativity will only help you in making things worse.

If you want something then do not let anything hold you back. Life is too precious to deal with ‘what ifs’. Take the lessons from life that help you and move forth.


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