It’s A Happy Feeling To Be The More Caring Person In Any Relationship

caring person

Are you afraid of always being the one who cares more in a relationship? Do you think caring more makes you look like a fool? If your answer is yes, you could not be any further from the truth. Be it any relation, one of the two people in it has to be the more caring person. Otherwise, the relationship would become too dull and perhaps even end.

Let’s be honest, all of us have felt the pain of being a more caring person. That is precisely what has instilled the fear in your mind of being one who cares more. It is to protect yourself that you try to hide your caring side. You don’t want to be vulnerable and brushed aside by the person you care so much for. But what you don’t realize is that this mechanism of self-protection is self-sabotaging.

“Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.” – Winnie the Pooh

Imagine what would happen if suddenly everyone started caring less. No one will ask anyone for a date, neither will they care enough to reconcile after a fight. Do you think that will be a world worth living in? No, rather we have to try to be the more caring person. One who puts an effort to make a relationship work.

Don’t think that if you show your feelings to somebody then you’ll look desperate. No, far from that, you’ll be relieved. You might think that not showing how much you care might make you look more put together. But what it does is just frustrate you internally, you feel horrible and lowly.

When you express your feelings fully however, you realize how beautiful and fulfilling it is. Those butterflies you get in your stomach whenever you think about someone or that thrill when you see them- it’s all worth experiencing and expressing. Don’t limit your emotional self from exploring all the emotions you can feel. Just be the more caring person, love more, love deeper, and love harder.

The world is full of regretful people. Regretful of not telling someone that they love them. Regretful of not hugging their loved ones when they had time. Please, don’t be another person with a heap of regrets. Rather be the one with none. Tell people how you feel about them even if you think your feelings won’t be reciprocated. Because even that expression of your honest feelings will provide you with immense joy.

By being the more caring person you will help make this world a better place. We don’t need more passionless, dull, and uncaring people. The world is thirsty for love, for care, and for passionate people- those who will be alive with emotions and make everyone around them alive too.

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Remember, caring for others and being loving is for your wellness. Because when you love others you also feel good about yourself. It’s not just others that are benefitting out of your caring nature, it’s actually you. So whether it be your spouse, children, parents or any other dear person, don’t think twice before showing them that you care for them.

No relationship is perfect but you should try to make things better. This could only happen when you become the more caring person that you expect others to be. Yes, it might be exhausting to always be on the giving end but don’t you think it’d be worse to lose the person altogether? Sometimes all you need to do is to show that you care and not hold back your feelings. People are always hungry for love and care.

What if it didn’t work out in the end? You’ll still have the satisfaction of giving all you had. But think what if it worked out?


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