If You Often Feel Lost, Maybe You Are Doing These Things Wrongly


You might have experienced moments when you felt lost. At that time, you may have admired the person whose life seemed put together. They have everything figured out, right? They are not a wreck like you are.

However, we forget that they are humans too. They also feel lost at times. They too have gone through many ‘feeling lost’ phases. And then, they have probably learned how they can live a better, well-put-up life. You can become like that too. First, you have to regain control over your life. Begin by trying to fix the things in your life that you believe aren’t going well. Here are some of the ways that make you lose control over your life and feel lost:

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Negative People

Peoples’ vibes affect you; they can either drag you down or uplift you. If you surround yourself with negative people, their negative influence will poison your well-being. They will make you feel inferior about who you are. It’s fine if you feel lost for the moment. There’s is no shame in that. But negative people will ensure that you feel like the dregs of this earth. They do not want to see you happy.

Lack Of Belief

One of the things that make you feel lost is a lack of belief in yourself. Appreciate yourself. Appreciate the journey that you have taken and how far you have come. You are intelligent, you are beautiful, and you have all the potential to get success. Yes, you can feel lost at the moment- that is something everybody goes through. But that does not mean you can’t love yourself. Start loving yourself- enjoy who you are. Soon, you will find your true purpose.

feel lost

Fear Controls You

If you feel lost or fearful, know that it is normal. But you should not let your fears control you. You should always let go of your fears. Fears will only hold you back. Yes, you can make mistakes, but learn from those mistakes and then walk the same road, with a lot more experience. Don’t be so afraid that you just don’t go down the same road ever again. Fear should never be your guide.

Comfort Zone

It is essential to get out of your comfort zone. Remember, life begins where the comfort zone ends. If you feel lost, most likely you have trapped yourself in a tight comfort zone from where you cannot escape. Well, it’s time to move forward- it’s time to break out of the confines and explore the brand new world. Remember, life can only move in circles if you only walk within your comfort zone.

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Another self-harming thing that a person can do is comparing themself with others. You might start by comparing your bank balance and achievements with someone else’s. And if you fall short, it gives a huge blow to your ego. It will frustrate you immensely and pull down your self-esteem. Comparisons will make you feel lost.

Do not let these factors pull you down. Rise- you will soon find your way forward.


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