How To Deal With Mental Blocks


We live in a world of infinite distractions. Every second of the day we are bombarded with information about everything ranging from Jennifer Anniston breaking the internet to the rumors of World War III breaking out! Our mind is constantly processing the various sights and sounds which may result in an eventual phase of fatigue.

What is a mental block? It is when you are unable to perform the way you usually do. Your productivity is at an all-time low, you avoid conversations with people around you, and are unable to think creatively. It can hamper your professional goals and personal relationships. How can you identify and overcome a mental block? Here’s how:

Filter Your Thoughts

Your thoughts hold immense power. They are signals that you send out into the universe and attract energy. All great leaders have acknowledged the value positive thinking brings in your life. If you constantly think that you are not worth it, that the goal is too big for you to achieve, that no matter how hard you try you cannot achieve success – you will start believing it. The negative thought process can alter your entire personality and inculcate fear. You will become more delusional and step back from actively building your life. If you do not take charge of your thoughts, then who will? Look at them like dresses that you pick in the morning to get ready. You would want to look polished, right? Hence, filter your thoughts – mercilessly curate them. It’ll do wonders and keep away mental blocks!

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Calm Down

Not having enough time to complete a task or not understanding where to begin can cause a lot of stress. You need to start planning things so that you know exactly how much time a task will take. If you think you need to do something that isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll end up quitting. Take a deep breath and calm down. Once you put everything on paper, you will feel more relaxed. Keep some time aside for personal purposes like journaling, listening to music, chatting with friends, or going for walks. You need to be more disciplined if you want to avoid mental blocks.

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Look At Things Differently

Imagine you get locked inside a room. You become so fixated with the door and trying to open it that you forget the French window just behind you! Sometimes you need to look at things differently to solve the puzzle. Once you learn to be more empathetic, you will learn a lot more. If you fail at something, try a different approach to the same goal and see. 

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Slow Things Down 

Planning and executing something takes a lot of effort. You feel exhausted mentally and physically. Instead of jumping straight into a different project, take a break. Rejuvenation is absolutely necessary for creativity. No one wants to feel dejected and lost. Try to take a break from work, personal relationships, or even your home city. The moment you slow down, your stress will reduce. During the break, you must engage in activities that bring you joy and help you reflect. You need to provide rest to your body as well.

Your mind is your greatest weapon, use it wisely. Do not let mental blocks come between you and your dream.


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