How Can You Develop Emotional Intimacy Using These 5 Steps?

emotional intimacy

When you are falling in love, there are many kinds of chemicals that run through your body, firing up that dopamine surge. Love has many equations that work simultaneously.

At first, the honeymoon phase takes place when you go through the preliminary stages of a relationship with your partner. At this stage, love is mostly physical in nature. You are quite excited about being in a new relationship with your beloved and you are likely to show it through physical intimacy. But there is a lot more to love than just the physical side of things. There is something called emotional intimacy – a state which goes far beyond the physical side of things. During emotional intimacy, your empathy towards your partner is at a high and you can feel their desires and fears. Here is how you can establish emotional intimacy:

1. Telling them you love them

Telling ‘I Love You’ never goes stale if you truly mean it. Actually, you should say it so as to reinforce that love present between the two of you. Remember, love may not always be about sacrifices, but there are small compromises that you need to make. Your partner is making them for you too. The thing is – these are all considered as a token of love. You should appreciate the sacrifices made by your partner and be proud that you were strong enough to make the necessary sacrifices. Know that you are strengthening the relationship further with your emotional intimacy.

2. Visualize the future

Emotional intimacy starts building up when you begin to visualize the future and how it will turn out to be. The first step of falling in true love is when you can see your partner in your future visions. You are no longer alone in your journey, you can see your partner tagging along. No, they are not intervening – you have accepted them as a part of your journey. Once the acceptance process is over, you can now visualize solid images with your partner, paint the picture in your mind and then describe it to them. Invite them to your vision.

emotional intimacy

3. Words don’t always say everything

Stop relying on just words to show you if you are being loved or not. At times, it will become important for you to pay attention to what the body parts are showing. Sometimes, quite unconsciously, your partner might convey a few messages through body movements. Walking with the hands in the pocket could indicate a hidden sadness. Crossing the legs when they are speaking might indicate discomfort. Also, check whether your partner is engaging in eye contact. Eye contact is the utmost when it comes to maintaining emotional intimacy. It can reveal a lot of things that mere words can never put forward.

4. Be emotional

Society has made it difficult for many people to reveal their emotions. According to society, emotions are for the weak and it needs to be suppressed. But you do not need the sanction of people to reveal your emotions. With your partner, you can be completely free. Let the emotions flow between you and your partner. Be passionate and sad, be dramatic and ambitious – share your emotions with your partner. The more you share, the more emotionally intimate you become.

5. Communication is the key

There is no denying that communication has always been the key when it comes to building relationships and emotional intimacy. Communication means engaging in proper dialogue about something meaningful. During these conversations, it becomes important to check the tone, word choice and also, the comfort level. Deep conversations lead to deeper revelations and help you to know your partner better as well as your own self. 

So, develop emotional intimacy between yourself and your partner and you can get into a fulfilling relationship.


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