Friends Are Not Just For The Benefits


…And when I was about to turn round the corner, excited to share my happiness with my best friends, I stopped and heard them say how unworthy I was.

We have all had those friends. Those who always encourage us, those who like the same things as we do and we think that we have such a special bond. It almost feels magical. But the sad truth of life is this: if anything appears too good to be true, then it probably is. There is nothing worse than having someone in your life who is just on the ride for the benefits.

A Real Friend Actually Likes You

When they ask us how we are, it is not just a polite small talk before they cut the crap and ask for the favor. They would remember what you said last time. They would want an actual update. They’re not trying to pretend like good friends who care but are only looking for the benefits. They actually care. Period.

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It’s Not How Much They Share But What They Share

When someone has more than what they need and share it with you, it is not a big deal, no matter how generous they are, it is no better than an investment. But if someone gives you a share from what they need, then they are doing it because they care about you. They are not doing this for the benefits they could reap from it.


They Will Have The Power To Hurt You But They Won’t

A real friend will know all your secrets and vulnerabilities but will never threaten you with them. Even when they are no longer with you, even if they stand against you, they will not use it. Fake friends, however, would want to know all your secrets because they know that it has some power over you.

You Won’t Be Their Option, You Would Be Their Priority

They will not call you when they have the time. They would make time for you. You don’t come after everything else for them. You are one of their choices- someone that they hold dear and wish to keep forever. They would not cancel on you and understand the importance of your time instead of telling you how important their time is.

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Real friends are not easy to find. We might find friends easily but it might take us forever and many trials to know if they are real or not. That does not mean that we should not trust our friends. Just do so judiciously.

Find the ones that are not searching for the benefits.


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