Filtering The Signs From The Noises


Every day we hear a plethora of things that are not only irrelevant but also unimportant to us. Listening too much to it could mean that we would miss out on the important things. Also, zoning it out would fetch the same results. So, it becomes important that we learn to filter the noise that is necessary from the unnecessary, take in the signs while keeping out the noises.

Filter the Noise That Has No Use

Assess everything that you hear. If it is not something you could use to improve yourself in the direction you want then it is a waste and you must filter it out immediately. Life has precious little time. Do not spend too much of it on the things that do not even matter in the long run. If a piece of information does not spur you into action then you have no use of it. Not only would you be more productive but you also save a lot of your time.

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Filter the Noise That Is Transitory

If the outcome does not affect our lives then it is rather unnecessary to look for it. Irrespective of how brilliant a team’s performance is, watching their sports won’t benefit you much. Not only would their status on the victory bar change but also their scores aren’t consistent. Look for signs that are more stationary and lead you somewhere. Do not fall for signs that get altered as you get closer to them.

filter the noise

Filter the Noise That Is Hypothetical

There are facts and then there are theories. The difference between the two is simple. Facts are based on reality while theories are based on imagination. Facts have solidified observations to back them up. Whenever given the choice between the two, you must always choose the fact. A hypothesis is always at the risk of being incorrect but you can seldom go wrong with the facts.

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Filter the Noise That Is Distracting

You have a goal, a dream. You can achieve success only with strong willpower. Do not change your priorities and stay focused. Do not let anything penetrate your mind that is a potential distraction. Hold fast to the things that matter. You do not want to be thrown into the chaos because your grip on your dreams was too weak. You would have more responsibilities dumped on you and unless you are prepared to deal with abandoning your dreams, you must filter.

Filtering noise can save you a lot of time and leave you with the important stuff. Give it a go and focus on what truly matters. Filter the noise from the signs.


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