Falling In Love With An Old Soul


Do you ever feel that you were born in the wrong era? Are you always told that you talk like an old person even though you are young? Do your friends always come to you for advice? If the answer to all these questions is “yes”, then congratulations! You are an old soul!

Old souls have a unique outlook and perceive things differently. They have an out of the box way to approach things and it’s easy to fall in love with them. If you want to identify an old soul, here are a few pointers:

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Value Little Things

You do not need to plan an elaborate date night at a five-star restaurant to bring a smile on their face. Old souls will be just as happy to spend time with you at home, making pasta and binge-watching your favorite show. They understand the value of often-underrated small things that actually matter in the long run.

Cherish Friendship

Old souls cherish friendships more than anything else. They will be there by your side in your happiest moments and your saddest hours. You can count on them and trust them. They will never betray you and will always be honest. Old souls value vulnerability.

old soul

Solitude Is Important

They are content with themselves and do not need to be surrounded by people all the time. Their “me-time” is precious to them as constant social interactions drain them. They need their time to read, think, complete tasks, and be in their own company to regain energy. Do not take this as a sign of indifference but understand the motive behind it.

Understanding The Way Of The World

If you fall in love with them, they will be the best teacher in your life. Old souls are experienced individuals who know the way of the world. They are judicious about time and do not waste it on pointless things. They understand the worth of small things and live life on their own terms.

No Mind Games

Old souls are pure and wise. They know that no relationship can survive without partners being blatantly honest. They also know it is pointless engaging in stupid mind games that only end up hurting someone. To build trust and then betray is unthinkable for these people as they value emotions. They will never stoop down to gaslight or plan loyalty tests because they are mature individuals. 

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Not Care About Superficial Things

You don’t need to fix your hair or obsess about your outfit, they don’t care. Old souls will appreciate beauty when they see it and hate pretention. You can be yourself in their company without the fear of judgment. They attach no importance to superficial things. An old soul will fall in love with who you truly are and not some distorted idea of you. They will pay attention and remember what you say. These people put in a lot of effort and expect the same from you.

Loving an old soul is a boon. You will truly enjoy the journey!


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