College Degrees Don’t Matter As Much As A Viable Skillset Does


The current population of the planet is 7 billion. Now, if you are expecting to get a job in some top reputed company ahead of at least a thousand people, how do you do that?

College degrees won’t matter anymore. You can have a Masters from one of the best universities in the country, but you will still find someone else with a far less educational qualification getting ahead of you. Surprising, isn’t it? The answer is simple- employers want employees with a viable skillset, rather than a piece of paper.

If you don’t believe me, at least believe Elon Musk. The billionaire and master entrepreneur has stated at several events that degrees don’t matter anymore. For, how would they know that your degree is a culmination of your hard work and talent? You could have cheated your way through University for all they know. How is a piece of paper responsible for your career, and the reputation of the establishment you are trying for? Also, employers have to pay a lot more to conduct interviews with potential employees with a degree, than to organize interviews with applicants who don’t. Why? For, there would be millions with a degree but only a few with the viable skillset that employers are looking for.

viable skillset

If you still believe that degrees make or break a career, let me tell you some names. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison- none of them even graduated from university. But there are self-made billionaires controlling most of the information that passes throughout the world. You would be shocked to know that companies would pay more for skill and talent than a degree, for no one wants to sift through millions of resumes for a single job. In the present climate, employers are actually looking for people who simply have the knack, the talent, and the viable skillset to work at a job, rather than degrees.

See, the ground is set before you. You can either choose to go ahead with your degree and try to get something before you are 40, or you can learn skills, get the latest information about everything that happens around the globe and attract a lucrative deal that can result in more success. Your viable skillset will take you there- your degree won’t.

If you want to grow out your skills to attract employers, there are a few things that you can do-

1. Start browsing the net in search of stuff that is meaningful and interesting. Facebook won’t help you get a job. You have all the references on the net, and searching for information shouldn’t be that tough.

2. What you decide to study is far more important than where. Millions of students from ‘worse’ universities get into better jobs than Ivy League schools because your university isn’t a mirror to your talent. You can be skillful, being from a small university.

3. You need to have the zeal, passion, and dedication to learn. If you blame the internet or the lack of resources, or even the money involved, you are simply calling the grapes sour.

The internet has opened up massive opportunities for anyone wishing to develop a viable skillset. If you have the passion in you, you will get through.



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