Change Your Brain Abilities And Capacity With Neuroplasticity


Most of us live under the assumption that our abilities are something we are born with and it is almost impossible to change them. However, Neuroplasticity shows that our environment and experiences can be used to consciously modify brain abilities. The key aspect of developing brain abilities is to rewire the neural network and put to use the previously unused pathways.

Evolution has placed us in a position where we have more complex minds than most other creatures. Every day we are wiser and more developed than the previous day. Dr. Merzenich, in his book- “Soft-Wired: How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change Your Life,” puts forth his idea that brain plasticity can be used to change each aspect a person wishes to work on.

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It has also been observed that intelligence defining features such as Acquisition Capacity and Problem Solving Abilities can also be enhanced by neuroplasticity. Applying conscious learning on your interests and thorough analysis builds your knowledge.

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In today’s constantly developing world, learning improved methods can greatly expand your horizons. Always remember that in the pursuit of knowledge a fool thinks he knows a lot while a wise man knows that he knows too little. Do not let the learning process reach stagnation. It could adversely affect your brain abilities.

Practice being curious. Your curiosity is your mind pushing you beyond your boundaries. Do not cull that instinct. Write down every question that comes to your mind. It is alright if you are unable to seek some answers immediately and it is equally fine if you do not find some answers ever. It is not the answer itself but your exploration of it which helps you grow your brain abilities.

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Your creativity is waiting for you to learn more and more so that it can find a new path to express itself. Break out of your habits, especially the genre and type of reading. Learning new and engaging things even lower the risk of dementia.

The best way to reinforce knowledge is to put it into practice. From a new word to new art, put your learning to practical works. Externalize your internal understanding by practicing what you’ve already learned, even if just through writing about it. Bringing your knowledge from your mental world to the physical world strengthens your understanding of it.

Your knowledge will grow whether you acquire it or share it and will help change your brain abilities.


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