Bucket List To Make Sure That You Die With No Regrets

no regrets

Life gives us just enough time to focus on the things that we cherish and make a living out of it. But sometimes, we miss out on most of them. By the time we settle ourselves, we look back and realize that it is too late to do the things we always wanted to do. Here are some things to add to your bucket list and look forward to a life of no regrets:


There must be a place you always thought you would visit but you were too busy or the season was not right. Well, it’s time to put that into your calendar. Make time for memories, not for regrets.

Foreign Language

Did you hear a language that sounded so beautiful that you wanted to learn it? Then why didn’t you? It might not be easy to learn it overnight but you can take fifteen minutes every day out of your schedule.

Botched Relationships

No, we’re not just talking romances that didn’t work. We’re talking friends you’ve lost along the way and all the good and supportive people in your life that you’ve lost touch with. Go find them again. It never hurts to have more people who will have your back.

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Giving Up

Did you give up something you wanted because you lacked the courage to pursue it? It might not be too late to catch the boat. Success is built on failures, happiness on hardships. The end should be worth the journey. Follow your passion and dream with no regrets.

no regrets


Whether it was diet or healthcare or fitness, the routines we plan often get limited to New Year’s or Birthday resolutions. It is time to put them into practice.


Life, career, and opportunities should not stop. If you think that you have reached a peak then you have come to a dead-end. Get out of there and keep moving.


Learning doesn’t need to limit itself to a foreign language. There might be a subject which you wanted to learn more about. There might be a topic you wanted to explore. Take up the course you wanted.


It is good to be your first critic but don’t wear yourself down with it. Don’t hate yourself or blame yourself for not being good enough. Perfection is an idea. Reality is only limited to its pursuit.

Give Importance to Loved Ones

Have you failed at making those important to you feel important? Make an effort to make them feel special. Your loved ones would like to know that you still care. Love with no regrets.

Ignored Advice

People with experience often have a lot to impart. It is better to take their advice into account rather than regret not taking advantage of resources readily available to you.

Moving On

Life is full of ups and downs. Hitting rock bottom is not the worst part. Staying there is much worse. Don’t hold a grudge. Whoever was at fault, learn to forgive.

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Lived Your Life by Other’s Standards

Don’t live your life by fulfilling other’s expectations, by reaching other’s parameters. Take charge of your life and champion yourself. If you can find a way to make yourself happy, you are already more successful than what most people could hope to be.

So go ahead and make yourself a list that will help you look back in fondness and live with no regrets.


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