Bring Visual Chain Thinking To Your Life And You Will Soon Get Closer To Your Goals


To work smart, it is important to engage in something called ‘visual chain thinking’. Most ambitious people do this. Most of us have a fixed goal in our life and whatever we do, we try not to lose out on that goal. However, it becomes difficult to work that long for a goal. In the end, procrastination sets in and you probably become a bit disillusioned. There’s a reason for that- it is because we are trying to work hard, not work smart.

You should not think like ‘Yes, I’ve done this work; I have achieved a part of my goal.’ If you continue to have this kind of attitude, you will end up becoming complacent. Rather, you should work smart and think smart. You should think of every task as a chain of events leading to your final destination, your ultimate goal. So, your one task will become a link forging a way to your next task.

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Here are some ways by which you can strengthen your visual thinking patterns: 

1. Know that you are linking each work with the future

Link every work you do in a way that it will contribute to your final goal in some way. Look at the visual pathway as if it is in the form of a mesh where each link leads to the next. So, when you complete a work, imagine how much strength you added to the chain.

2. Look at the future

The future should be clear to you. It is referred to as visual chain thinking because you need to visualize the future step-by-step. At first, you might visualize it as something at a distance- like a destination. But you need to bring that vision closer. It will help you understand where you are going. 

visual chain thinking

3. Map out the strategy

It is important to map out a complete strategy of the visual chain link. Once you can visualize the future, you’ve got to make a road-map/ strategy. The strategy should not only be made annually, but it should also be made weekly.

4. Make a list

It can be frustrating to set the priorities in your life in a list. But it is an essential step to create a visual chain thinking mindset. Once you have a map in your mind, it will become easier for you to make this list. Now you only have to work as a grand scheme of accomplishing your goals.

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5. Be positive

You might meet many people who would actively try to stop you from achieving something. There might be circumstances that pull you down. You should not let these things harm you.

Visual chain thinking is a great way to ensure that you live a purposeful life. So, bring back the discipline and determination in your life with this technique.


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