Be The Friend You Want To Have


Do you want your friends to be as loyal as the fellowship in LOTR and as enjoyable as the friends in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.? It will take more than your imagination to make it happen. Relationship, of any kind, is a two-way bridge. If you are not willing to put that effort into your friendship then you would not get that effort in return. Be the friend you want to have yourself first.

Be the supportive friend you want. Show your confidence in your friend. There is the whole world to discourage them from going for what they want. They do not need that from you too. Be the voice of encouragement that you would like to hear yourself.

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Be the patient friend you want. You want your problems to be heard. So does your friend. Be kind and patient when hearing their problems. Offer sympathy and advice. Be the shoulder you expect your friends to offer you to lean on, on your bad days.

friend you want

Be the honest friend you want. Even if it is hard, try to tell the truth to your companion. They know what the world has to offer and just how ugly it could be. They expect harshness from the world just as they expect honesty from you. Be there for your friend when they break down but don’t shield them from the truth.

Be the committed friend you want. It is not so hard to keep your promises if you mean them when you make them. Would you not feel terrible if someone who you thought was one of your closest and most trustworthy friends failed to prioritize their commitments to you?

Be the selfless friend you want. It is not just about sharing and caring. Cheer your friends on their successes just as they would cheer you. Applaud your friend because no one knows their journey and hardships better than you do. Offer without expecting anything in return. Friendship is not about gaining or losing.

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Be the loyal friend you want. Do not turn your back on them when they need you. Every day is not the same for everyone. No one likes to be left behind in a difficult situation. Is it so hand to lend a helping hand in tough situations? You should not expect help if you are not willing to offer any.

Be the loving friend you want. Love at the end of the day is everything. It is selfless, it is caring. Love is like a warm blanket on a cold evening. It doesn’t take away the pain but it can give a person the courage and strength to bear it. Love your friends and you’ll be loved too.


  1. very true indeed, on the other hand it means what you say about a friend or others is what you are. Or you point at others on one finger but the rest is pointing at you. Is just the matter of speak up the way the world should be is to love one another and be a good friend.


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