Another Year Is Here: Let 2020 Bring That Lost Smile Back To Your Face


Another year passed –  a year where you may have been hurt a few times. A year where you may have fallen down, bruised yourself but gotten up to live for another day.

Well, you may already learn that your life is almost dictated by 2 things:  falling-downs and getting-ups. Adulthood has been almost like this – all the time.

It may have started when you first got the courage to go up to your crush, only to find that they are already engaged. Yes – your first heartbreak. Your mind was already filled with dreams – the dream of the first kiss, of marriage and children, of love never to be lost. But you did lose it – you did not even get the chance to hold their hands. You feel like you are pathetic. There has to be something wrong with you – with your stars. Maybe you are not meant for love after all. Or maybe, there is nothing called true love in this world.

Another year passed – and you had your first kiss. The crush of last year – well, you have forgotten about them. You are now with the love of your life. You know this is the ‘one’. This was meant to be. Your dreams are finally unfolding before you – after school, you will soon get married. And then, the wonderful kids. But then, one day, in the same year, that partner of yours was caught holding the hands of someone else. You confront them and they say they are trying to look at another life. They are moving on. And you should too. And maybe you should. But is it really that easy?

another year

Another year passed – and you are in the office cubicle. Your boss has just shouted at you – the deadline for your work is in an hour from now. Your brain is not working anymore – you are holding on to the last straws. It is impossible to complete the work. You never wanted this job. You were helpless. Your mind is already planning to sabotage the work. The hell with it – I don’t care! There are so many better jobs out there. You can just walk away and get another. But then, the reason comes back to you. Unemployment is on the rise. Are you really willing to risk everything and die poor?

Another year passed – you sit before a therapist. You have lost a job, you have got another. But you are not happy. You have been single for a year now – break-ups are just too much of a pain. You have been an unhealthy eater – you have gained weight. And now, the mirror screams ‘ugly’ at you. You want to change but you can’t. You don’t have any confidence in you. No – you are empty inside. And that’s why you are filling yourself up with food. No one really understands – perhaps, your therapist will. Or perhaps, whatever you say is just empty noise to her too. You need a purpose – a goal in life. You just don’t know how…

It’s 2020 – a new year, a new day. I hope you find that purpose in your life. I hope you can stand up for yourself and not get pushed around. Maybe you will get hurt again, but you will be able to get up. You will learn to walk with bruised legs as you have always walked. 

And one day, you will smile. Because you have found success – somewhere in your life.

Let’s hope – 2020 is not just ‘another year’ for you.



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