After Dating A Narcissist, You Might Find Genuine Love When You Meet A True Lover

dating a narcissist

Most of us are not blessed with fantastic love lives. Our love lives are often riddled with thorns of pain and sorrow. We date people who are violent, emotionally unavailable and sometimes, just poor in every aspect of the relationship. However, one of the worst people that we can date is a narcissist.

Beginning with them can be quite easy. Narcissists have a fantastic personality or rather they pretend well. They have the ability to stand out. That is what makes everyone more prone to dating a narcissist. However, when you start dating them and they show their true colors, things start to take a massive turn. It is at these moments when you start to realize your mistake. But usually, it’s too late by then.

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However, eventually, when you get out of the phase of dating that toxic person, you will learn many lessons. And then, you might find someone who recognizes the real you. A person who you can actually fall in love with. And when that happens, you will realize things that you couldn’t have understood while dating a narcissist:

1. You are treated the way you deserve to be treated

Finally, you are getting the treatment you have always thought you deserve. If love is real, it will not pull you down. It will be based on mutual appreciation and respect. You deserve love, respect, and appreciation.

2. Find yourself again

When you get real love, you will get to know your value. Your relationship will be such that it will bring a lot of value to your life. You will be passionate and sensual, but in the end, all of it will be the REAL YOU.

3. No more mind games

You may think that love is a mind game. Narcissists are adept at playing mind games and dating a narcissist has probably given you that idea. A real lover will not play mind games. They will be honest with you and try to help you genuinely without an ulterior motive.

4. You get what you wish for

No, it’s not like you wish for a Ferrari and get it. But if you need care and love, if you need support and mental strength, you will get it from a true lover. They won’t drain your emotions and make it more difficult for you.

5. Trust

In a relationship, trust is of utmost importance. While dating a narcissist, you may not have trusted your partner. But when you are in love with a genuine person, you are more comfortable in building trust with them. They are always honest with you and even if they fail at something, they won’t fake success. They will confess and that will build up the trust between you two.

6. Apologies

In a relationship, there will be fights and arguments. If you are dating a narcissist, most of the time, the narcissist will put the blame on you. In such a toxic relationship, you will always find yourself struggling to prove your innocence. But in a relationship with a loving partner, you will not struggle. If there is an argument and your partner is wrong, they will confess that and also apologize. For them, sustaining the relationship will be more important than winning an argument.

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7. Communication

A true lover will always try to communicate with you. They are not trying to dominate or become the only person talking. When they tell their problems, they would like you to hear your opinions. They listen to your problems either quietly or suggest solutions. Communication is important for them and responding after listening to you becomes paramount.

8. True love

When you are with a person who understands true love, you will also be able to reciprocate that love. You will feel all the buoyancy of love as well as the depth of the emotions. You’ll feel comfortable in their arms. You can reveal your deepest secrets and know that you won’t be judged. In the end, you will be truly in love.

When you are dating a narcissist, you may not realize what true love is. But don’t be disheartened! When you find your true love, you will know how happy your love life can be. Just wait for that magical journey to start!


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