A Photographer Clicks The Picture Of Rainbow Clouds Above Altai Mountains To Demonstrate The Magic Of Nature

rainbow clouds

Nature has never ceased to fascinate human beings. From the starting of time, we have been awed by the wonderful natural creations that surround us. Some of these natural magnificences are always present around us as the stars above us, twinkling on every clear night sky. Some of them are a bit rare like the aurora borealis. Fortunately, we have seen pictures of the aurora borealis captured by many photographers. But then, that is not enough. We wish to perceive and experience it with our own sense of organs. That’s why, even now, there are many tourists who visit Norway and wait outside in the cold to witness this magnificence.

Another such wonderful natural phenomenon is rainbow clouds. You may have seen it on rare occasions, and if you have been lucky, you may have even clicked a picture. From our school days, we know what a rainbow is. Then the question naturally comes – what are rainbow clouds? Well, clouds are formed due to the presence of tiny droplets of water or ice crystals in them which diffracts the light falling on them and thus, gives the rainbow hue.

It’s a very delicate composition of the clouds. Referred to as cloud irisation or iridescence, this rare optical phenomenon in which the clouds show vibrant colors and look like a soap bubble is a real treat to watch, experience, and wonder at. And that is what Svetlana Kazina, a photographer living in the Altai Mountains, experienced and captured in her camera. She saw the thin clouds looking like lace glowing above the Belukha mountain – the highest peak in Siberia. The clouds looked like soap bubbles. Rainbow clouds generally occur when the sun or moon is close and that makes it a rare occurrence.

rainbow clouds

The Altai Mountains, in general, is a place of great scenery. If you go there, not only will you be fascinated, but you will also feel minute when you compare yourself with the grandness of nature. The Altai Mountains formed during the mountain building or orogenic phase when the upthrusts caused the mountains to rise. The timeline settled upon by geologists is around 300-500 million years ago. The large mountains have deteriorated over time and have now turned into an undulating plateau or peneplain.

rainbow clouds

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On top of this stunning scenery, it is quite astonishing to see such a thing as rainbow clouds. Plus, at that height, the wind blows hard and fast and thus, it causes several laces on the clouds. It changed every second. On the whole, the rainbow clouds looked like a jellyfish – a colorful jellyfish floating in the air punched with millions of diamonds.

No wonder people want to experience such natural phenomena on their own. Rainbow clouds are a spectacle of nature only a few lucky ones get to witness.

Images: Svetlana Kazina


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