A Kind Workplace Is A Productive Workplace

kind workplace

Working in the 21st century is a very terrifying thing, to be honest. When you swing off to your office in the morning, all you are filled with is work, and work, and then how to get over with the day and go home.

And while this procedure churns out a lot of wealth and production, does it really make the entire workforce as efficient as a well-oiled machine? I don’t think so. And apparently, many companies around the world are beginning to think along the same lines as they are invoking a kind workplace. For, a kind workplace always leads to a productive workplace.

See, it is amazingly simple to be kind. All you have to do is just not treat anyone like you wouldn’t want to be treated. Look at your colleague and give them a smile. Talk to them about your day; help them out when they are messing something up. I know that work in itself is a competition, but since when did we leave humanity out of the equation? And, it doesn’t cost anything to be kind. We don’t expect you to donate to the office out of your own pocket, but you can communicate, you can ensure that you are working in a kind workplace.

You might be astounded to hear that several businesses throughout the world are taking the principle of kindness so seriously, that they are instituting kindness performance indicators, along with other KPIs. This will check how kind the employee is at work, his relations with other employees, and if he is disruptive to the kind workplace around him. You might think this to be a tad bit unnecessary, but let me tell you- this is important. A kind workplace would ensure that you work with a free brain, one that is uncluttered by competitive and jealous colleagues.

Kindness isn’t rocket science that you need to do a course on it. Simply give someone a compliment on a job well done. That’s it! If you can criticize someone’s work, shouldn’t you also compliment them when they are doing something good? Help them out, maybe make coffee for everyone in your office one day. Hold the door for someone, cover for someone, do whatever you think would alleviate at least a single person out of any mess they are in- be it personal, professional, emotional, or physical.

And don’t think along the lines of ‘Why should I do everything?’ No. This is a chain. If you are kind to someone, that person will definitely be kind to someone else. It doesn’t always have to be you picking up after everyone else has left. In several establishments, kindness is measured in how one’s decisions help or harm the company, the employees, and their emotions. While some could argue that there is no place for emotions at the workplace, it is utterly wrong. Humans are emotional beings, prone to stress and depression. If one wanted an unthinking drone, they could have simply got themselves an android.

But as of now, a kind workplace is what every big institution around the world is aiming for.

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