A Daughter Is The Mother’s Mirror Image


It might be cute to see a tiny girl with lipstick around her lips and cheek but that is not all. Girls tend to mirror their mother’s features in many other aspects of their life beyond the conventional ‘looks like her mother’ thing.

Growing up with a mother who believes in her strengths will make the daughter more confident. No person could say that they would not face a difficult moment. But if the mother’s features include tackling the difficult scenarios judiciously then instead of panicking or looking for help, daughters are likely to take charge and come up with a solution.

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Growing up, if daughters are influenced by less dependent mothers then they tend to be independent as well, while if their mothers are more dependent then they become shy and vulnerable.

Mothers tend to influence the core values of their daughters. If mothers properly explain why they believe in something instead of the other, then the daughters are likely to go the same way. The moral education of the daughters is mostly, thus, a reflection of their mother’s features.

Even the fashion sense of a girl child is to some extent influenced by the mother. Girls try to look like their mothers. They judge from their mother’s features what would and would not suit them or what style they should follow.


A mother’s features influence girls in the same way in which the prayer of serenity does. It gives the strength to watch for the things which cannot be changed, the courage to know what could be changed, and the wisdom to know the difference.

A loving and supportive mother is likely to raise a daughter with a stronger faith in their dreams and passions. She’s likely to push the kids out of the house when the time approaches for them to make a living on their own. She would also be the one to celebrate in her joys. She could be a better confidante than any friend because she has gone through what the daughters are going through.

Mothers are like the North Star. They help us see the direction we wish our lives will take. Their advice, when it comes to picking one of the two diverged roads, proves to be invaluable. Mothers show us further into the road than our own imagination.

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A mother’s features go beyond what you see in her daughter. They go beyond hair and skin and many other things. You can never stop learning from your mother’s or father’s experiences. They get added to your own, you start thinking better, and become more mature.

A strong mother can make her daughter believe in herself while a weak mother would make her feel weak too.


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