5 Toxic Powers Of A Narcissist


You must have been criticized by many people in your life and by now you must be wary of the words ‘critics’ and ‘critiques’. While criticism is important to improve ourselves, we must learn to tell the difference between constructive and destructive criticism.

Constructive criticism would help us improve but destructive criticism may force us into having a setback. Most of these destructive criticisms are often given by narcissistic people who fail at seeing the good work of anyone but themselves. They tend to only see flaws and base their entire critique upon it. Hence, it becomes important for most of us to recognize these features and filter them from affecting us.

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A Narcissist Would Always Be Above Blame

You would never see a narcissistic person shoulder responsibility for their failures. It would always be someone else’s fault. They will not believe that they are anything but perfect and, as such, above such things as mistakes and blames.

They Will Gather All Sympathies

A narcissist will never say that they were fortunate. They will always tell their stories where they will be placed at the greatest disadvantage. To them, their journey is toughest and no one else could have possibly suffered or worked half as much as them.


A Narcissist Will Be Multi Faced

A narcissist will appear to be a friend to all while being a friend to none. A narcissist will talk to everyone as if favoring them and will modify or present facts deceptively according to the audience. This will foster conflicts and ill feelings among everyone. Everyone who will give in to their insecurities by listening to the narcissists will become extremely vulnerable and defenseless to manipulation.

A Narcissist Will Find Faults In You That May Not Exist

It is one thing when someone points out the faults in us that we are extremely conscious about and scratch our insecurities. It is an entirely different thing when dealing with a narcissist because they could put flaws on us that are not even real. They can’t stand to praise others so they would criticize and belittle you and they would masterfully blend those lies with the truth and make them credible.

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Their World Is Their Fantasy

A narcissist is most likely to have an unnatural point of view of the world because from their perspective they are the superior ones. Narcissists tend to believe that the world revolves around them so anything that does not function according to their imagination is automatically at fault. One should trust a narcissist with caution because of their distorted views.

Thus, do not be heartbroken every time you hear something negative about yourself. It might be coming from someone who is not trustworthy enough.


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